Full Time Faculty


head shot of Ivan BajicIvan Bajic

Research Interests: routing and optimization, high-resolution medical and industrial imaging, GPGPU parallel computing, embedded systems and robotics, multimedia and graphics, computer-assisted art and animation coloring

Industry Experience: multimedia and graphics, consultant for tech and bio-tech companies, consultant for UCSD youth science outreach projects, technical papers reviewer for SIGGRAPH and IEEE, has multiple patents for medical and industrial imaging and multimedia.

Office:  GMCS 538     Phone Number: 619-594-7253

Email: ibajic@edoras.sdsu.edu



Headshot of Leland Beck

Dr. Leland Beck

Office:  GMCS 547    Phone Number: 619-594-6807





Dr. John Carroll, Undergraduate Adviser

Research Interests: queueing theory, analysis of computer systems, data replication, and computer reliability

Office:  GMCS 537    Phone Number: 619-594-7242

Email: carroll@edoras.sdsu.edu



Headshot of Carl EckbergDr. Carl Eckberg

Office:  GMCS 543    Phone Number: 619-594-6834






rob edwardsDr. Robert Edwards

Research Interests: Bioinformatics analysis of DNA sequences; Computer vision

Industrial experience: Consultant for biotech companies large and small

Office:  PS 123   Phone Number: 619-594-1672




Headshot of Patty KraftPatty Kraft

Industry Experience: Data communications embedded systems, Biotechnology large scale web applications

Office:  GMCS 544   Phone Number: 619-594-7243





headshot of Dr. LiuDr. Xiaobai Liu

Research Interests:  Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Computational Statistics and their applications to clinic diagnosis,  sports, transportation, surveillance, video games and others.

Industry Experience: video surveillance security system; transportation monitoring;  medical image analysis and diagnose.

Office:  GMCS 542   Phone Number: 619-594-4345




ShangpingDr. Shangping Ren, Chair

Research Interests: Cyber-Physical Systems, Real-Time Scheduling, and Cloud Computing

Office:  GMCS 407A    Phone Number: 619-594-6191

Email: sren@sdsu.edu




Headshot of Marie RochDr. Marie Roch

Research Interests: bioacoustics, machine learning

Industry Experience: AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories

Office:  GMCS 533   Phone Number: 619-594-5830

Email: Marie’s E-Mail Address




Headshot of Mahmoud TarokhDr. Mahmoud Tarokh

Office:  GMCS 541   Phone Number: 619-594-2640





Headshot of Faramarz ValafarDr. Faramarz Valafar

Office:  GMCS 623   Phone Number: 619-594-3742





Headshot of Wei WangDr. Wei Wang, Graduate Adviser

Research Interests: QoE/QoS Resource Allocation, Networks Economics, Wireless Multimedia Communications.

Industry Experience: Siemens AG Communications.

Office:  EIS 310    Phone Number: 619-594-4302

Email: wwang@sdsu.edu



headshot of Roger WhitneyDr. Roger Whitney, Graduate Adviser

Research Interests: Object-oriented programming, Functional programming, software development, mobile computing

Industrial experience: AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories

Office:  GMCS 561   Phone Number: 619-594-3535




headshot of Tao XieDr. Tao Xie

Research Interests: High Performance Computing, Storage Systems, Cluster and Grid Computing, Parallel Processing, Distributed Systems, Real- time/Embedded Systems, Dynamic Resource Management, and Performance Evaluation

Industry Experience: Microsoft Global Technical Engineering Center, Shanghai, China; Anhui Province Computing Center, Hefei, China

Office:  GMCS 544   Phone Number: 619-594-2014




Dr. Yang Xu

Office: GMCS 542

Email: yxu4@sdsu.edu



Part Time Faculty


headshot of female with shoulder-length hairDr. Neda Alipanah

Research Interests: Knowledge Presentation, Integration and Discovery; Text Mining and Natural Language Processing; Semantic Web and Reasoning; Bioinformatics and Biomedical Ontologies; Efficient Algorithms for Ontology Computation; Ontology Ranking, Ontology Alignment

Office: GMCS 536   Phone Number: 619-594-0788

Email: nalipanah@sdsu.edu



headshot of Peter BartoliPeter Bartoli

Office:  GMCS 564   Phone Number: 619-594-1700





Headshot of Cynthia ChieCyndi Chie

Office:  GMCS 564   Phone Number: 619-594-1700

Email: cyndi.chie.cs@sdsu.edu




headshot of HealeyShawn Healey

Office:  GMCS 540   Phone Number: 619-594-1668

Email:  shealey@sdsu.edu





Headshot of Jo Ann LaneDr. Jo Ann Lane

Research Interests: software engineering, system of systems engineering, lean and agile development

Industry Experience: Over 25 years of system and software development in the areas of surveillance, command and control, communications, healthcare, and enterprise-wide integration

Office:  GMCS 564   Phone Number: 619-594-1700



Headshot of Guy LeonardGuy Leonard

Office:  GMCS 540   Phone Number: 619-594-1668





Headshot of Scott LindeneauScott Lindeneau

Office:  GMCS 562   Phone Number: 619-594-1694





Headshot of Steve PriceSteve Price

Research Interests: Visualization of Big Data, Data Analytics, Gameification, Game Theory, Video Game Design, Graph Theory, Software Engineering, and Computer Security

Industry Experience: Over thirty years experience managing medium to large projects in the commercial, health care and academic sectors

Office:  GMCS 564   Phone Number: 619-594-1700



Headshot of Mary ThomasDr. Mary Thomas

Research Interests: Computational science, parallel computing, Web programming, cyberinfrastructure, advanced computational environments that    support high-end scientific applications

Industry Experience: Broad range of experimental research and development that includes working on projects for the government (National Science Foundation, Department of Energy), national labs( San Diego Supercomputer Center, Oak Ridge National Labs, Los Alamos National Labs), and private companies (General Atomics, Motoralla). Research projects include: parallel ocean models; science gateway and science portal development; high energy laser diagnostics and development; and high temperature plasma fusion research.

Office:  GMCS 562   Phone Number: 619-594-1694



Adjunct Faculty


Kazem SohrabyDr. Kazem Sohraby, Research Professor (Adjunct)

Research Interests: wireless and cognitive radio, communications networks and systems.

Industry Experience: Bell Labs — advanced communications technologies and mathematics.

Email: ksohraby@sdsu.edu



Emeritus Faculty


Headshot of Kasi AnanthaDr. Kasi Anantha






Headshot of Sara BaaseDr. Sara Baase-Mayers







Headshot of John DonaldDr. John Donald






Dr. Edmund Deaton


Dr. Richard Hagar



Headshot of Nenad MarovacDr. Nenad Marovac







Alan Riggins

Alan Riggins







Bill RootWilliam Root

Office:  GMCS 531






Headshot of Kris StewartDr. Kris Stewart







Headshot of Vernor VingeDr. Vernor Vinge

Email: vvinge@sdsu.edu






headshot of Marko VuskovicDr. Marko Vuskovic






Teresa Couri

Office: GMCS 407A Phone Number: 619-594-1931

Email: tcouri@sdsu.edu

Dennis Conte

Office: GMCS 413   Phone Number: 619-594-6192

Email: dconte@sdsu.edu



headshot of Roman SwiniarskiRoman Swiniarski

1943 – 2014